The PowerConsult Group is engaged in Engineering and Construction, primarily in the power and mining sectors.

Over the last 20 years, the original company has undergone several changes, combined with other companies, and streamlined its management and operating philosophy into a highly flexible provider of engineering solutions, incorporating plant and systems from the most advanced equipment and service providers in the world.
PowerConsult comprises a number of independent specialist companies through which PowerConsult leverages its core capabilities to develop projects wherever the right opportunity might arise around the world and for which PC can offer a solution.

The multi-local presence of the group's entities has enabled PowerConsult to acquire a deep understanding of local conditions, standards and regulations in the various areas of operation.

Over 350 man-years of combined key management personnel with experience in:
Vision and Human Resources

We believe that our human resources are the key to success. Their commitment to project objectives and to customer satisfaction are the distinctive characteristics of PowerConsult's customer relations.

While we strive for the best results in everything that we agree to undertake, and will continue to place our clients' needs and respect for the environment and its sustainability at the front of all our efforts, the safety and well-being of our staff takes top priority.
Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability are at the forefront of our key values. These are reflected in our policies and management style and in those of our partner companies and associates in the group.
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together with dedicated and loyal staff at all levels, ensures that our clients' requirements are optimised to their full satisfaction.
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